Postera Legooms Reusable Vegetable and Produce Bags
Postera Legooms Reusable Vegetable and Produce Bags
Postera Legooms Reusable Vegetable and Produce Bags
Postera Legooms Reusable Vegetable and Produce Bags
Postera Legooms Reusable Vegetable and Produce Bags
Postera Legooms Reusable Vegetable and Produce Bags
Postera Legooms Reusable Vegetable and Produce Bags
Postera Legooms Reusable Vegetable and Produce Bags
Postera Legooms Reusable Vegetable and Produce Bags
Postera Legooms Reusable Vegetable and Produce Bags
Postera Legooms Reusable Vegetable and Produce Bags
Postera Legooms Reusable Vegetable and Produce Bags
Postera Legooms Reusable Vegetable and Produce Bags

Postera Legooms Reusable Vegetable and Produce Bags

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Legooms reuseable produce bags will help you save thousands of plastic bags, and will be at-hand whenever you need them in just about any scenario; whether in the supermarket, market, or even the gym. They're the last 'plastic bags' you'll ever need, and best of all, they're already recycled and will be recycled again and again - if you can ever wear them out! 

It's a familiar scenario when you shop for fresh produce and find everything already wrapped in plastic or you have to use tear off plastic bags. You're trying to eat clean but realise this is damaging the environment. 

Tear-off bags are quick and convenient but leave a guilty feeling once home. You have tried cheap mesh bags but they're flimsy and the wrong size. 

Worldwide, about 2 million plastic bags are used every minute. Supermarkets and people are more aware, but many supermarkets still offer tear-off bags, nothing at all, or cheap mesh bags. Therefore Legooms answer a range of consumer problems- conveniently.

Back in 2018 the situation was worse than now. We wanted to act and encourage a shift in behaviour.

What resulted was a highly developed reusable vegetable bag, built for shopping, trips to the gym, storage...basically a solution to all kinds of reasons for plastic waste.

What are they?

They are a set of six reusable vegetable/produce bags complete with a carry pouch enabling you to replace tear-off plastic bags in the supermarket or marketplace. We hope these food bags will also encourage people to buy fresh, rather than packaged fruit and vegetables. 

Launched in August ‘18, they’re the first re-useable produce bag on the market to be made from recycled bottles*. In June 2010, The Independent featured Legooms in their "Best Reusable Produce Bags" feature in their 'Indy/Best' section. 

A little playful variation on the French word for vegetables, we hope Legooms will be a household name. "Darling, did you pack the Legooms"❓

Legooms are our flagship product. They are the also the key to the Postera ethos: again, Products which, over their lifespan, make a net positive environmental impact. 

Eliminate the guilt of using, then throwing away supermarket bags!

Sensibly priced, we believe Legooms are great value as the price is: 

  • Representative of additional costs in using recycled bottles. It gives people a chance to make this extra environmental saving
  • Representative of premium manufacture and quality standards
  • Reflecting a long service life
  • Inclusive of a carry pouch which has all kinds of uses
  • A saving: you can use them for almost anything: toys, veg, even washing delicate clothes
  • They are accredited as food safe meaning you can enjoy the extra life breathe-able mesh gives to your produce in storage without worrying about plastic toxins!

You can make a difference. You’re about to be one of the smartest, most eco-friendly people to walk into a supermarket! 


🥕 The bags are woven and stitched with longevity in mind. They can bear a hefty weight without tearing and they're easy to carry by drawstring

🍅 They are machine-washable, for hygiene, convenience and a long service life

🥕 We included large label tags to attach barcodes for shops where you print these off yourself

🍅 Tar weights (the weight of the bag) is included on another tab, so the cashier can subtract that from the weight of the purchase.

🥕 Barcodes can still be scanned through the mesh. You don't need to unpack items again at checkout and the assistant will like you very much.

🍅 Produce can be washed inside the bag: simply wash, and store straight in the fridge or cupboard, saving time (no unpacking, binning, washing). They are tidy, look great in the fridge and improve organisation; Plus: 

🥕 Vegetables need to breathe; sealing them in plastic bags isn't ideal and there can be adverse affects on health by storing in plastic bags. Our breathable mesh bags are the solution to preserving produce;

🍅 Colour-coded: market research told us that this was desirable as people were able to quickly locate and store items;

🥕 They save you money: head for the fresh produce aisle, or support your local market growers. Packaged produce is not only more expensive, but there's the dreaded plastic packaging, again. 

🍅 When they are no longer suitable for use, they are fully recyclable

🥕 Plus, use Legooms for storing all kinds of other bits and pieces such as toys

🍅 They are a food grade product with certification


You get a set of 6 food bags per pack, with one carry-pouch bag. 

Convenient Bag sizes:

8 x 12 inches (2pcs)

14 x 12inches (2pcs)

17 x 12 inches (2pcs)

accommodating potatoes down to garlic!

We stand by our product quality. If you are not completely satisfied, we don't want to keep your money! 

Please contact us, and you will be able to return your product. 

You can find out more about returns here at this link.

Likewise, if your product fails within 30 days due to workmanship, please contact us and we will organise a return for a full refund, or an exchange.







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Cheryl S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Great bags to use for vegetable shopping

Great sturdy bags - good sizes too - working really well with shopping - so much better than using plastic bags

Barbara J.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Brilliant bags!

Such a good alternative when buying veg. Easy to use, veg stays fresh in the bag in the fridge and no bag waste! Get them! On my second set and bought for both my daughters!

Katie F.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Protecting cherries from pigeons

I love these bags. This was my 2nd and 3rd set I have purchased, one of them had a slight tear in the mesh (so I nearly gave it 4 stars) but I have patched it up and is okay for what I intend to use it for. My first set I use for vegetable shopping (like most people buying these I expect), they're light, hold plenty of veg/fruit and have been going strong for about a year now (with plenty of life still left in them). I keep my veg in these when they're in the fridge (so I don't need to clean out the veg drawers as often) as well as using them for loose veg shopping. My 2nd and 3rd sets are for a mixture of uses, both to supplement my current veg stock bags and for protecting the cherries/leaves on my cherry tree from pigeons who have decimated nearly 90% of this years unripened crop - we have a lot of wood-pigeons in our area and our garden is very popular with birds due to big wildlife friendly shrubs, fruit trees, vegetables and loads of insects. Whilst we freely share our garden produce with the birds as there is plenty to go round the cherry tree is the one plant we have never previously got a look in. The large and medium bags protect the cherry clusters very well, you can pull the chord, tie it around the branch and it will stay on brilliantly even in very high winds as we had last week. The smaller bags (including the one with the slight tear) are sufficiently large to protect cherry clusters on the main trunk. They are doing a marvelous job; since adorning the tree three weeks ago in these bags I have not lost any more green cherries to the pigeons. They do look odd flapping about in the wind, and the bags provide no protection against frost (I'm still getting a small amount of cold-induced early June drop) but I have hope that perhaps this year we may get a handful of cherries for the children to pick and eat. One day I would really love more of these bags for the cherry tree and next year I'll protect it earlier with the bags I do have. One day I hope we will have a crop of ripened cherries!

postera products Postera Legooms Reusable Vegetable and Produce Bags Reviewpostera products Postera Legooms Reusable Vegetable and Produce Bags Review
Denis T.
Netherlands Netherlands
Nice Quality

Very nice bag to keep Legooms togehter. Legooms work very wel and saves the environment.

Carolyn W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Best thing I've bought in ages, would highly recommend them to every household.


Ask a Question
  • Can these be used for buying dry products, such as oats, lentils, flour etc.?

    It's a good question- thank you. Yes they can; although fine, loose flour would probably leak through the mesh. Other customers have used them to store oats.

  • You don't appear to say anywhere in your advertisement what the bags are made of. If polyester, are they not almost like plastic and will have to go into landfill eventually?

    Hello there; the bags are made from recycled bottles. They are fully recyclable after use. We list this under 'features'.

  • Are they just to transport the veg/fruit home, or do they keep them fresh in the fridge?

    Hi there; they do keep veg fresh, too, yes. There are mixed opinions on whether they stay fresher but it appears to be that the more breathable, the better. The bags can be washed with the veg in, then just place into the fridge, keeping nice and organised :)

  • I would prefer to be able to buy more small bags. I am on my own and shop frequently for loose vegetables and fruit. I cannot imagine needing the largest bags. Is there any way of doing this please?

    Hi Jane, 

    Yes, we are going to produce some sets with just one size for people to top up and have more choice :) We'll confirm when this is ready.

  • Whats the delivery charge?

    Hello there- at the moment Royal Mail is free of charge within the UK and £1 for USA.

  • Can you wash them in the washing machine?

    Yes, we made them machine washable at 40 degrees :)

  • How many of these bags for £11.95? Thanks

    We supply a pack of 6 bags, 2 of each size. If you click 'Features' or 'What's in the Bag?' you will find more info. 

  • Can these bags be put in the dishwasher?

    Good question. We would say no, as they wash at 40 degrees and I think the dishwasher is higher than that by default? But if it wasn't, then it should be alright.

  • How do you get the barcode on to the tab? Do any supermarkets supply barcode stickers?

    Yes, some supermarkets do. They have weighing machines. In many places bar codes are stuck on the fruit, and you can peel off, and put on the barcode tab of your Legooms. 

  • How can you avoid getting charged for the weight of the bags?

    Hi there; we supply a tab which has the tare weight of the bags written on it. The checkout assistant case minus off the weight from your purchase using this. 

  • Do these weigh a similar amount to the plastic bags in the shop so when you weigh your fruit and veg it will still cost the same?

    They are very lightweight and very strong, yes. But we include the weight on them so that this can be deducted by the cashier :) 

  • Which UK supermarkets support the weight tag removal?

    We calibrated them in ounces, since most checkout equipment is still using this besides grams. We may re-think this in the future but for now it seems to work just fine. 

  • What are these bags made of/from?

    They are made from recycled bottles. Bottles are turned into pellets, which are then woven into the strong mesh fabric which we make our bags from. 

  • A question, as I do not know: the advice of not storing produce in plastic bags, does that apply to fridges with moisture control..? Would they not dry out then?

    We're still doing some research on this and it seems difficult to prove either way as there are SO many variables. I suppose you'd have to test each fruit and veg type. The overriding consensus seems to be that mesh is better as it's breathable. Plus there's an added advantage of not having toxins in the plastics getting into your food!