The Story

Postera derives from the Latin word for 'the next' or 'to follow'. 


We are a family-owned, fuelled, and experience-based designer, and manufacturer of products which consider 'the next'. In other words, the world we leave tomorrow. 


We want to be one of a growing number of ethical companies, producing not only eco-friendly products, but smart products. 

Our Mission: "To make the best quality everyday products which are convenient and allow everyone to easily become more environmentally friendly in their every day behaviour, by cutting pollution every time our products are used."


Smart products means getting ideas into the marketplace which will represent a saving to the environment each time they're used. 


Take Legooms, for example. Every time you use one of our reusable produce bags you save at least one plastic bag. 
That's our mindset, and our aim. And it will be for everything we make. 


How we started: 


It was a sudden realisation. We've never been 'environmentalists'. And we don't say that disparagingly. Credit where credit is due; we can't pretend to hold a title we haven't earned. 


No, we were just consumers who realised that there had to be a better, smarter  way of consuming. Common-sense, combined with 21st Century access to manufacturing, and the ability to communicate a message to people via the internet. A golden age to connect to like-minded people, and design products people like us wanted to exist. 
We see the value of a brand based upon doing good and giving people what they want. By being in constant touch with our audiences, we connect with and get to know our customers, bringing value and listening to their needs. 


The launch product, Legooms, simply answers a guilt and reoccurring sense of wastage we felt when throwing away supermarket tear-off bags. It is a responsible and rational response. 


And, we have an over-arching desire to see: 
1) small business thrive once again 


2) a world, or at least a nation, made up of small, responsible businesses, giving consumers a real choice so that one day, together, we will replace corporations thriving on greed and low price, with sensible, practical solutions which consider 'the next'. 
Our Product Promises:
Our products will be made from recycled materials;
Our products, in re-using something, will make a positive environmental impact before they're even used;
Our products will make a positive environmental impact every time they are used;
Our products will be just as convenient as a non-eco friendly product;
Our products will be designed based on customer feedback to meet the needs of the everyday consumer;
Our products will be of superior quality;
We will stand by our products with a guarantee on everything we make;
Our products will have a wider impact in terms of changing mindsets and behaviours.


We'll be posting more about our story here in the coming days.