Thailand Banned Plastic Bags- Cue Shopper Ingenuity!

Thailand is a market we're not currently selling into. We probably should be!


As of January 1 2020 the traditional plastic bag is now banned in Thailand. A great move and perhaps Thailand doesn't immediately spring to mind, especially as western nations and supermarkets lead the news usually in terms of the elimination of plastic waste. 

The news coming from Thailand of shoppers taking home their purchases in plastic buckets, baskets, and at the more extreme end, over-turned traffic cones is both inspiring and amusing!


For those of you who are without an adequate means of transporting your purchases home, we do of course have the solution in the form of Legooms Reuseable Produce Bags

They are convenient, easy-to-use, easy to carry and store, and they're especially suitable for fruit and veg purchases. 

Of course, the largest bag of your pack can be used for other purchases quite easily. 

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