Postera Creates Value out of Discarded Plastic Bottles. Be an Environmentally Conscious Shopper

Postera creates Value out of discarded Plastic Bottles. Be an Environmentally Conscious Shopper

By Hibert Wycliffe, Kenya


My name is Hibert Wycliffe, from Kenya. I am an economics and environmental blog enthusiast. Kenya banned the use of polythene plastic shopping bags on 28th August 2017. The National Environmental Management Authority of Kenya is encouraging Retailers and shoppers to adopt alternative packaging and shopping bags made from paper, bamboo straw, starch or other re-usable or bio-degradable shopping bags.

To ensure effective implementation of the ban, a fine of up to £30,000 or a 4 year jail term is prescribed for violation of the regulation. It’s now one year since the ban took effect and the manufacturers and shoppers have adhered to the regulation. In the course of looking for a durable and reliable shopping bag solution, I got impressed by the Postera shopping bag ’’Postera legooms’’ that are available online through the link

I would recommend this shopping bag solution to any shopper looking for peace of mind in finding a durable, reusable, washable, eco-friendly and affordable shopping bag. The shopping bags are made from readily available Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) plastic bottles. To have an overview of the product creation, below is the story of Postera Product creation journey.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of every operation undertaken at Postera; we strive to offer the best shopping solution to the customers while at the same inculcating eco-friendly initiatives in the entire value chain. We ensure that consumer shopping needs are met through reliable, efficient, affordable and durable shopping bags.

Our journey begins from the perceived valueless plastic bottles, tossed in the recycling bins after enjoying your favorite soft drink.

Recycling is an innovative process that always presents the manufacturers with a myriad of options to make comfortable and durable fabrics which serve several functions such as lanyards, durable bags, carpets, and even promotional banners.

It is estimated that over 200 billion water bottles and soft drinks bottles are produced annually most of which, after use, find their way as litter along the highways, waterways, and parks instead of the recycling bins.

The plastic bottles recycling business is a multi-billion-dollar venture that is yet to be harnessed in its full potential.

During rainy seasons, flood water flushes millions of bottles from highways, parks, and streets. These neglected resources eventually find their ways into our rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Once at the unwanted locations, the danger of contamination is experienced in these water bodies. The marine ecosystem faces a serious threat caused by these plastic bottles.

Plastics bottles do not readily dissociate when buried in the landfills or they even find their ways in the water bodies.

Plastic bottles are produced in high volumes per minute, and if not checked, a serious environmental crisis will be experienced as well as climate change.

Most of these bottles (water and soft drinks bottles) are highly recyclable because they are made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). Useful products can be extracted from these bottles after the recycling process. There is still a great gap in capitalizing on this aspect of recyclability.

‘Plastics do not belong in the oceans nor do they belong on the highways, but they belong to the recycling bins.' Sharon Kneiss Vice president, American Chemistry Council. Based on this analogy Postera realized the need to contribute to environmental conservation by finding a solution to the plastic bottle menace while at the same time add value to the customer's daily need of finding a durable and reliable shopping bag solution.

Have you always wondered how plastic bottles are transformed into durable fabrics of amazing qualities? Postera shopping bags are perfect examples of this lifetime breakthrough in the manufacturing field.

We create value out of the single-use bottle plastics while at the same time promoting environmental conservation in the entire process.

How Plastic Bottles are made into something far more useful:

To have a glimpse of this exciting experience let us have a look at the step by step value addition process of creating the eco-friendly Postera shopping bags.

Once the plastic bottles leave the recycling bins in your neighborhood, we carefully transport the bottles to our manufacturing plant where the recycling process kicks off.

The bottles are washed and sorted into different sizes and shapes. They are put into a machine that chops and grinds them into smaller pellets.

The pellets are subjected through the industrial heating process up to melting point to soften the pellets.

The softened plastic is pressed through a plate with numerous tiny holes on the surface. The plastics are emitted out in thin filaments that are spun on large metal rollers to form polyester yarn that is later woven into a recycled fabric.

To get a quality fabric the processing, spinning, and weaving is done vigorously and to precision.

The resulting fabric from the recycling process is the final building block for the Postera shopping bags products. The product is plastic free, sustainable for home and kitchen use.


Postera legooms product. One of the products of postera.


The beauty of our products is that the shopping bags are washable, reusable and durable. They also look great, with a premium look and feel.

We repurpose the single-use plastics bottles to create a durable shopping bag solution.

We conserve the natural resource through recycling the plastics. We free the environment from the chokes of pollution.


The PET plastic bottles ready for recycling at our manufacturing plant.