Latest Update on Plastic Production Volumes

It has been claimed that 55pc to 60pc of all the plastic that reaches the ocean comes from just five nations: China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.  In 2015, 322 million tonnes of plastics were produced. The UK is a fairly small player. According to the British Plastics Federation 1.7M tonnes.


Of this huge volume of waste plastic, just 9pc has been recycled, 12pc has been incinerated and the remaining 79pc is either in landfill or in the environment.

Most of this plastic is single use, mainly food packaging and plastic bottles.

We’re doing our bit- encouraging the production of re-useable plastic which can be used in new creations, and then re-used again.

Plus, we’re getting plastic bottles off the shores and turning the into our food bags.
We hope to create a cycle of demand here: more demand for re-purposed plastic products means more people out there picking them up and bringing them to companies who will break them down and spin the fabrics we need for our bags.

Join us and be part of a much healthier plastic lifecycle so we can at least ‘start’ to combat the problem.