How Social Media Benefits Social Causes: Trashchallenge

The importance of Social Media to raise awareness for social causes, a brief analysis.

It's no secret that Social Media can be toxic at times, and from time to time we also hear about the dangerous challenges that the youth ends partaking in, some of them with lethal consequences. The ugly side of social media, for sure. 

Social Media, the kryptonite of every teenager's parents, the big monster that gets them to spend too much time strapped to the phones, gaining poor posture after the countless hours tilting their chin down to look at a small bright screen and restless nights; oh so many...

Social media platforms are here to stay, though. In fact, they are almost tattoo'ed to everyone's skin. A study conducted this year, 2019, revealed that we have got 3.4 BILLION users all across the globe, with an average daily time spent surfing through the platforms of 116 minutes (near 2 hours ).

Our take on this is simple, if we're spending 2 hours a day exposed to this attractive and dopamine fuelled world that lures us in, we might as well get something positive out of it. No more with the meaningless likes and swipes, let's make a difference in our day-to-day life and think outside the box, creating new trends that benefit humankind.

Take the Trashtag Challenge that recently gained a lot of traction on Instagram as an example. Basically, the participants picked a place filled with litter, clean it up, and post before and after pictures of the location! Volunteers have made beaches, parks, and roads trash-free while also raising awareness of the quantity of plastic litter that we, the humans, produce.

This obviously caught our eye, a company that stands tall as an adamant defender for creating NO more plastic and on top of that, REUSE the plastic that already exists to give it a new purpose. Our youth needs to be monitored and get filtered information via these social media platforms without a doubt, but just know that occasionally a #Challenge like this type pops up which is actually quite beneficial and causes no harm to anyone involved, be sure to turn the children of today to Earth responsible adults of tomorrow