Can Legooms Help with Hygiene?

Yes- see how >

Legooms- already a game-changer, have a surprising number of other uses and benefits!

Staying sanitary in public places is top-of-mind at the moment, especially when it comes to buying food in supermarkets.

Being properly prepared and responsible is key to having peace of mind and helping society.

We believe that Legooms produce bags can play a key role where supermarkets can't.

While we're now being encouraged to throw out plastic bags, Legooms are hygienic, long-lasting, washable and sized for every shopping trip. 

They're one less hassle at an already stressful time.

What are they?

Legooms are reusable produce bags are designed to be the strongest, most premium and long-lasting produce bags on the market today 

They are washable, long-lasting and recyclable ♻️

We made Legooms as our flagship product to support our mission: creating sustainable products which help make a positive environmental impact each time they are used.

Legooms were designed to be a disruptor, with the goal of killing the tear-off plastic bag for good!! 

Plus, they are the first to be made from recycled bottles! ♻️

We supply a set of 6 bags. Despite supermarkets and rivals copying our bags, they remain the highest quality on the market and the most versatile.

A true game-changer in the even-more-challenging world of supermarket shopping, we're always discovering new ways that Legooms can add value to people's daily lives.

it seems Legooms have their place when it comes to hygiene and supermarkets.

The purpose of this page is to share thoughts in the hope that somehow we can help make life easier and give peace of mind.

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"Best thing I've bought in ages, would highly recommend them to every household."
Carolyn W.

How you can shop sanitary, AND continue to support the environment

While we designed 'Legooms' to be the ultimate, premium, re-usable bags for fresh produce, customers have always found novel new uses and hacks using Legooms. Obviously, people are concerned about hygiene in supermarkets.

A bad situation can always be turned to good, and we welcome efforts to make supermarkets more sanitary places.

Our customers have written in to express how 'Legooms' are helping them to stay sanitary.

While plastic bags can harbour germs, you are able to easily stay clean by washing your Legooms once you get home and stow back in the carry-pouch.

We were sent a link to an article in Readers Digest by Kim Bussing.

Kim explains: "Going plastic-free might be environmentally friendly, but grocery stores have a dirty secret. Luckily, the solution is sustainable—and sanitary."

"Grocery stores have a dirty secret." - Readers Digest

 "A traditional grocery store cart has 73,356 CFU, or colony-forming unit, per square inch."

"The 'dirty secret'" as Kim says, "is that grocery stores are not the cleanest places. Tote bag company 'Reuse This Bag' found that a traditional grocery store cart has 73,356 CFU, or colony-forming unit, per square inch—that is almost 361 times more bacteria than is present on a bathroom doorknob."

So while you might avoid using plastic bags, produce is at risk of contamination in the store. Interestingly the mesh bags provided now in supermarkets (thanks, in part, to our pressure and that of our customers) - are not large enough or strong enough to take heavy shops, or continual use.

A set of Legooms comes in 3 sizes, covering all kinds of groceries from garlic (a great, natural remedy!) to large packs of rice and so on.

This differs from the cheaply made bags in supermarkets which are usually just one size.

You can buy unpacked, or fresh produce, and stow it safely inside our strong, mesh bags. The mesh will help to protect against unsanitary conditions in the store and on the way home.
Plus, use them for almost anything - our largest bag can easily take a large bag of potatoes or anything else you want to throw at it.

When home, you can wash your produce within the bags, take out, rinse again, and store. Then wash your bags in the sink or with your next clothes wash. You can even use Legooms to wash delicates, saving water at the same time.

By using them, you are also helping to support re-purposing plastic bottles into these bags, which in turn reduce the use of traditional plastic bags.

We at Postera are now well-stocked, but we are running an offer to help shoppers have an alternative solution on-hand at the moment.

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Virologist Matthew Moore urges “Serious concern and precaution, but not panic” *

Moore advises people “to not freak out” or avoid going into grocery stores or supermarkets over fear of catching the coronavirus.

Common sense is all that is necessary, and this will help to foster a relaxed atmosphere in stores. 

We also urge people reading this to resist the urge to stockpile food when visiting. With proper precautions, people can still make frequent trips to the supermarket without the need to 'panic buy' weeks worth of food which only serves to deprive the more needy in our society. 

* Article in 'The Hill' By Alexandra Kelley, Published on Mar 12, 2020

The Advantages of Legooms for Shoppers

In the context of where we find ourselves at the time of writing, here are some additional ways Legooms can help:

  • Use a set to replace your usual carrier bags (each set has two larger bags)
  • Continue to buy fresh produce, minimising contact with the environment
  • Avoid having to use plastic bags, and binning them when home
  • Wash produce easily and safely in the bags
  • Easily wash produce bags by themselves or put in the washing machine
  • ...or wash with your normal clothes- or use Legooms for delicates
  • Easily store your bags safely for your next shop with the Free Carry Pouch

Customer Helen Whitaker shared her routine.

Obviously you'll adopt your own hygiene practices at home, but this is just a guide from one of our customers. You'll want to be mindful of keeping food preparation surfaces clean- things we should be doing anyway, but this is a good time to review our habits.

  • Use a set of Legooms for fresh produce
  • Use a set for general carrier bags, minimising use of plastic bags
  • Avoid having to use plastic bags at all
  • When home, wash your fresh produce carefully in the bags.
  • Remove your produce, and wash again under the tap
  • Take your Legooms and wash separately taking care to clean worksurfaces
  • Peg bags out to try and re-place in the carry pouch- clean, and ready for your next shop


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